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Important Church Family Updates

Wednesday      March 25, 2020

In response to the most recent information from local and national government as well as health officials, with the continued threat of the Coronovirus, all worship assemblies, Bible classes and other gatherings at the building continue to be canceled throughout the rest of next week, including Sunday (Mar 29) and next Wednesday (April 1).

All of Washington Street will be meeting online and "from house to house" once again this Sunday!  Here is just a reminder of the ways we are encouraging you and your family or group to worship and to serve this week.

  • An online message & communion devotional will be posted on the church's website ( and Facebook Page by this Sunday. We encourage all of you to gather in small groups and worship together this Lord's Day!
  • A discussion guide will also be available for your group time together. Either as small groups or families, these are to encourage you to discuss the lesson in your worship time together.
  • We will also be posting activities for the Children. Mrs. Terry will be posting encouraging messages on the Children's Ministry Facebook Page and we will share those across other platforms as well.  Click Here for activity/coloring sheet and encourage your children to follow along with Jim's message Sunday.
  • Once again, a small team of volunteers will be at the church building on Sunday morning from 9-10 am to give out Communion supplies to anyone who comes by. Just drive under the portico and they will assist you. If you need to come at another time during the week, please call the church office (433-2391) to make arrangements and we will be glad to assist you.
  • The Women of the Way meeting previously scheduled will instead be live streamed on Monday, March 27 at 6pm at

Let us emphasize, the church is still on mission!  We are still looking for opportunities to reach out and encourage our neighbors with the good news of Jesus... even if that has looked a little differently this week! Please let us know of needs that you are made aware of from within our church family and community.

God bless!

Mar 13 Update