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Important Church Family Updates

The Latest Update on our Plan to

May 26

We are excited to be able to return to the building for "real live, old-fashioned, go to meetin'" worship service THIS coming Sunday, May 31st. As we do so, we are entering the second phase of our "phased in" plan to "come back" to the building for worship assemblies.  In doing so, we encourage you to take a few minutes to view Jim's latest update on the plans and adjustments we are making so that we can do so safely and responsibly.  We want everyone to know we are doing everything we know to do to make our facility safe and that the only thing spread here will be the gospel!

We realize there are many different perspectives shared not only around our community but in our church family. Throughout this time we encourage everyone to maintain a spirit of mutual forbearance and remember the "most important commands"... Jesus' admonition to (1) Love God with all that we've got and (2) Love One Another as ourselves. This focus on considering others before ourselves will allow us to be the witness for Christ that we desire to be in our community.

Below, you'll note some of the precautions we are taking so everyone will feel safe being a part of our assemblies.


To encourage social distancing, there will be two morning worship services which will be identical in nature. Times will be 8:30am & 10:30am. Both services will be the same in terms of song, Scripture & sermon. We are encouraging our older members and those who consider themselves at greater risk to attend the early service (8:30am).

There will be no Bible classes, attended nursery, coffee or fellowship meals during this time. (The nursery will be open for moms/dads & little ones).

Safety Precautions: (updated 5/26)

Pews will be roped off to allow seating every other row. Pews will also be wiped clean before, after and in between these worship services. Please plan to sit downstairs, rather than in the balcony, to reduce the amount of cleaning and sanitizing our deacons need to do between services.

Disposable Communion kits will be ready in the pews when you arrive and can be disposed of as you exit.

Baskets for the Offering will be set in the windows and in the foyer for contributions to be left as you enter or exit.

Hand sanitizer will be available and personal protective equipment such as masks will be recommended, but not required.

Online offerings & Communion supplies will continue to be offered throughout this period, as all may not choose to come back just yet. Services will be live-streamed via Facebook and some Bible classes will continue meeting via Zoom or other platforms. 

Please know, if it is your personal decision not to attend at this time, we understand and want to continue to serve you in any way we can.

Please. Always...If you are not feeling well, if you've been sick, if a family member has been sick or if you think you may have been exposed to the Coronovirus, please do not put others at risk by trying to "tough it out" and get to church.

PHASE THREE: (to be determined)

As our Elders continue to meet and to monitor the situation, PHASE THREE (time to be determined) will include a return to  Bible classes and to special events such as fellowship meals for the congregation.

We hope it will be safe for most everyone to be able to return and to worship together as a church family during this time once again!

We will continue to explore the benefits of our online presence and continue to make great use of it.

We look forward to this return to a "new normal"!

We love you all!