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Sunday   April 5, 2020
Printable Bible Study/Discussion guide

"We are the Church!" Printable Children's Activity & Bible Study 

(A fun graphic for children's note-taking during this time!)

See Below to watch a Communion Devotion led by JB Cox &
a message of encouragement from our preaching minister, Jim Black

Sunday, March 22
"Loving Our Neighbor in Difficult Times"

2020 Vision

March 8 "Practicing Kindness"
Listening to God

March 1 "Here I am, Send Me"
Guest Speaker Andy Lyon

Dec. 29 "Three Thoughts for a New Year"
A Story to tell

Dec. 22 "A Light has Dawned"
Life Together

Nov. 24 "Thankful for Life Together"
The Real Deal Church

Oct. 27 #9: "The Real Deal MISSION!"
Oct 6am "An Ancient-Future Model for Mission"

Sept. 8 Guest Speaker- Darryl Willis

"A Locked Book"
Restore. Renew. Revive.

Aug 11 #4 "... in all things LOVE"
Identity Crisis: Do we know who we are?

July 14 "A Royal Priesthood"
July 7 "Why do mission work overseas?" -Guest Speaker David French, missionary to Zambia

David serves as the director of Zambia Missions under the oversight of the Sycamore View Church of Christ (Memphis, TN) and as the President of Daybreak: Mission of Hope (DMH). Primary responsibilities include Dean of Daybreak Bible College (administration), Bible teacher, fund-raising in the USA, General Contractor (over construction at Daybreak) and as Supervisor over the entire ministry in Zambia. Lorie serves as Supervisor of the Primary School, the women’s program, and as a teacher in the college. David and Lorie have lived in Zambia since 2004.

Visit their website at:

June 2 Guest Speaker- Jack Jean

Essentials of a Healthy Church

June 2 "Gift-Oriented Ministry" (Andy Lyon)
Re-Centering the Gospel

May 26 #9 "Beautiful Feet & the Gospel of Jesus"
April 28, 2019 Guest Speaker David McCrary
Devotion to God's Word - guest speaker David Mills
March 10 "Jesus Wept"

A Church Growing for Him

Mar 3 "Revive Us Again!"
Home for the Holidays

Dec. 30 "Facing a New Year"
Sunday Evenings: Homefront Series

Dec. 9 "Maturing into Childlikeness" Wes Collum
Weathering the Storm

Nov. 25 "The Storm of Disappointment"
Sunday Evening Family Meeting Series

Oct. 7 "The Virtue of Self Control"
Coming Home

Sept. 30 #3 "The Resentful Brother"
Sept. 9, 2018 A Grandparents' Blessing

Fighting Fair in the Family

Sept. 2 "Giving the Gift of Forgiveness"
Shepherds Report to the Congregation


Aug. 12 "the god of me"
July 1 Guest Speaker Andrew Lyon

Sunday morning "Build Your House on the Rock"
June 17 Fathers Day: "Hats Off to Dads"

Becoming Good News People in a Bad News World

June 10 #8 "The Outrageous, Incredible & Unusual Example of Aquila & Priscilla"
June 3 Guest Speaker Jared Mills

"The Foolishness of God"
May 13, 2018 "A Mother's Day Message"

Senior Sunday: Honoring our Graduates

"Open Doors & All the Places You'll Go"
Roots: Old Testament Lessons for 21st Century Families

March 25 #7 "Redeeming, Enduring Love"
Pillars: Priorities for Building Strong Families

Feb. 4 #4 "Valuing Every Member"

from our preaching minister, Jim Black

We hope these messages will encourage you in your walk with God.  Come back often!



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