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  • November 20

    Pouring out the love of Jesus into our Community

  • Trunk or Treat

    Oct 27
    Classes at 7pm

  • Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort is providing much-needed and immediate relief to flood victims in Waverly, McEwen and other affected areas from last week's flooding.

    They are prepared, also, with trucks loaded to meet needs which will likely arise following Hurricane Ida this week. 

    If you would like to support this work and were not able to participate in our special offering on Sunday (29th) you can send that directly to them here:

    PO Box 111180
    Nashville, TN 37222-1180

    410 Allied Drive
    Nashville, TN 37211

  • Connecting Lincoln is a network of non-profits, churches, and community organizations in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

    Their website is a connecting point where those in need can find a list of resources as well as reach out for specific help. It’s also a place where citizens can come to learn about specific needs in our community and volunteer to meet those needs.